Multi Phase Metering Systems (MFMS)

Process Instruments, Inc. Validation Services for MFMs

Wells with multi phase metering systems, or MFMs, require a portable validation system for determining well accuracy. Process Instruments uses the patented Accuflow MFM system, which incorporates both a vertical and horizontal pipe separator, to validate your Multi Phase Metering System onsite.

The Accuflow MFM system actually separates the liquid and gas phases using the vertical and horizontal separators, allowing Process Instruments to use the most accurate technology for measurement of both the gas and liquid phases.

Liquid Phase Measurement for MFMs

The liquid phase is measured using a Coriolis mass flow meter. This method measures the density of the fluid and converts it to a volumetric flow. When the base water and oil density of your well, along with other factors such as fluid temperature are determined, your well’s water cut is accurately calculated using a Net Oil Computer or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

MFM Gas Phase Measurement

Process Instruments measures the gas phase of multi phase metering systems using an ultrasonic flow meter, which allows us to give you extremely accurate turndown ratios of 80:1 compared to differential pressure measurement’s 10:1 or vortex shedding meter’s 20:1. MFM validation is based in part on the ultrasonic meter’s ability to use the transit time of the gas in the pipe and the pipe ID (inside diameter) to calculate the volume and convert it to the American Gas Association (AGA) standard.

Accurate Reporting

When validating your multi phase metering well system, it is important to use a third party to assure accuracy. Process Instruments' use of Coriolis and ultrasonic metering methods, and online diagnostics to monitor the flow streams ensures that any upsets to the process will be detected and reported.

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