Well Testing & Validation

Well testing is a difficult measurement to make. Due to the well dynamics there are large variations in flow-rates both in gas and liquid. The water cuts range from 0-100%. The high volume wells with high water cut and high GVF wells are the most difficult to measure. Utilizing any type of electronic device requires frequent calibration and a physical method of checking to see if the calibration is correct. A 1% absolute error on a well that produces 1000 bbls/day at a 90% water cut can cause a net oil measurement error of 10 bbls. The only method of knowing the water cut is to take an accurate physical sample proportional to flow rate.

According to API standards, before a sample is taken

  • The sample must be properly conditioned.
  • The sample should be taken using an isokinetic sampler.
  • The sample should not be divided once it has been taken.
  • The sample must be analyzed properly.

The Accuflow LT series separates and conditions each flow stream for proper measurement.It has the ability to utilize dual liquid and gas meters in order to cover the full range of measurement.

The validation system described here is simple to understand and easy to operate. Due to the simplicity it gets accurate and repeatable results each test. Special attention has been given where it matters most. The method of Cut by Weight is critical for high water cut ranges. By utilizing the coriolis mass meter the volume flow is also accurate and repeatable.

Validation of Well Test Systems

Our trailer mounted sampling system is used in the validation of well test systems. Accurate results are achieved using isokinetic and positive displacement, in conjunction with a coriolis mass flow meter communicating with a PLC, and displayed on an operator interface. To ensure that well test system validation is definitive, samples are taken proportional to flow and delivered into a certified by weight 500ml beaker. The complete sample is spun in a centrifuge using 100ml certified by weight centrifuge tubes. Measurement range is 0-20%, 0-50%, or 0-100% and is certified to plus or minus 1% of cut accuracy.

In addition to the field services listed above, our skilled team also completes POC field services. We specialize in trouble shooting and repair of both E Solutions (Baker) and Lufkin pump off controllers, new or rebuilt load cells, rodent resistant reed switches, and load cell cables. Process Instruments, Inc.’ field service technicians will get the job done right!

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