Process Instruments & Controls is a leading supplier of valves, actuators, and process control systems for the oil and gas, industrial, food processing and mining industries in California.

Valves are necessary in process control to provide shut-off and control of the flow of gases and liquids.

Valves come in wide variety of styles in both manual and automated versions. Industrial process control systems require automated valves that are controlled remotely by either local or process control systems.

Process Instruments & Controls is your premier source for valves used in oil and gas, industrial, food processing and mining industries. Please contact us today with all your valve related questions. We can help.


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Process Instruments & Controls is pleased to announce the launch of our new company website. The new website has been designed with the oil production and refining, food & beverage, mining, water and waste water industries in mind. The...

Process Instruments & Controls, LLC has recently moved into a new facility located in Bakersfield, CA at 8802 Scobee Street. To accommodate the growth experienced over the past 28 years, they’ve moved into a new 16,500 sq ft building in the...