Signal Conditioners

Process Instruments, Inc. represents and distributes all manner of signal conditioners. A Signal Conditioner is an instrument that converts one type of an electrical signal be it a pulse, a voltage, or a current into another electrical signal that can be used as an input to a digital control system, a display, or process controller.
Signal conditioners have a variety of uses in multiple applications including:

  • Converting signals so field sensors, transmitters and transducers can interface with indicators, recorders, DCS, PLC and PC-based SCADA systems.
  • Isolating signals to stop erratic measurements caused by ground loops using signal conditioners
  • Spliting one signal, allowing one primary measurement to be sent to two separate systems.
  • Cost-effectively solving DCS start-up problems that result from incompatible signal types
  • Amplifying signals to enable more instruments to be added to an overburdened loop.
  • Steping down dangerous high-voltage.

Process Instruments, Inc. represents or distributes signal conditioners from the following manufacturers:

Moore Industries is one of the leading companies in the USA that provides a complete line of signal conditioners. Process Instruments is proud to be the representative for Moore Industries in Central California. Visit Moore Industries' website for more information on their line of signal conditioners.

Laurel Electronics manufactures Din Rail mounted signal conditioners featuring high accuracy and fast update rates. Process Instruments, Inc. is your local source for Laurel Electronics signal conditioners. Contact us to order your Laurel Electronics products today.

Masoneilan manufactures I/P converters. Check them out at Masoneilan.

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