Smart Digital Positioners - HART & Fieldbus

Smart digital positioners are a great way to reduce equipment costs and testing time while eliminating the need for skilled personnel to operate expensive test panels. Smart digital positioners even allow the use of remote testing to save you money and reduce maintenance. Process Instruments, Inc. has extensive experience with both HART and Fieldbus, so we can help you find the best smart digital positioned for your needs.


Hart is your solution for analog to digital data transfer. HART smart digital positioners have many benefits including:

  • Early warning system
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Supports multivariable instruments


Fieldbus is your choice for all digital, serial two-way, multi-drop communications. Fieldbus smart digital positioners allow you to save and analyze multiple variables. Fieldbus smart digital positioners benefits include:

  • Mount to any rotary or linear valve.
  • Measure valve health & performance without disturbing process.

Process Instruments, Inc. is your source for HART and Fieldbus smart digital positioners. Contact us today to order the smart digital positioned for your process.


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