Butterfly Valves - HP & Triple Offset

Butterfly valves effectively combine the tight shut-off of elastometric lined valves with the control accuracy of a moderate throttle. Conventional butterfly valves are well suited for controlling low pressure, high volume fluids or for applications requiring tight shut-off. Conventional butterfly valves feature:

  • Low –torque reversed cupped vane
  • Reinforded liner available in various elastometric materials
  • Economical control for low pressure
  • Simple construction & maintenance

High capacity, or HP & triple offset butterfly valves provide accurate control of high capacity, moderate drop services. HP & triple offset butterfly valves feature a disc design that moves the disk away from the open valve’s seal ring to reduce friction and torque requirements. Benefits of HP & triple offset butterfly valves are:

  • Improved control performance
  • Reduced seal wear
  • Longer operating cycles
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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